Christmas and New Year projects for your Business | Voicemail

Well the end of the year is nigh, it seems to come round quicker every year. This can be an agonising time for some businesses, especially for those who operate seasonally. Some businesses are working against strict timelines, especially an ever growing “to do” list before Christmas. The team at Vibe have a few solutions that could help you through the silly season.

If you do have any projects large, medium or small that involve phone system installations, relocations or communications cabling before Christmas, give the team at Vibe a call NOW. Vibe Voice and Data technicians will be very busy during this time and Decembers schedule is beginning to fill up. Now is the time to book your project as there are a few spots still available.

It is best not to leave it to the 22nd of December to get that answering machine or voicemail message programmed. An obvious yet quite often overlooked holiday period requirement for businesses. Also be careful with December projects as most service providers tend to have longer delays in providing their service during this period and some may even have a Christmas embargo.

Vibe will be operational during the Christmas & New Year period as well as early January. Traditionally, January has been a great time to do a major system or operational upgrades, wholesale changes, redo an office area or even relocating your office to a new space. This is a quieter time and the impact of any downtime due to a “project” are perceived to be much less.

Enjoy your break if you are having one, and the team at Vibe wish you a prosperous new year ahead.

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