During the last 2 years two of my passions namely community sports and live music have taken a pounding because of the COVID 19 pandemic and its affect in Victoria. With little support around for both sectors from state /federal governments, fending for yourself is really the only option. I am proud to say that my company Vibe Vibe Voice and Data has supported The Fountain Gate Cricket Club over the last three seasons and am fronting up again for season 21/22. With all things that happened within Victoria in 2021 this is the most important year yet. The club has also excelled in recruiting other sponsors in incredibly tough times for community sports and small business alike. So, they are to be congratulated.

I grew up around Fountain Gate after coming from the UK in 1976. I was a part of their inaugural junior side in their foundation season in 1979/80. I credit cricket and the club for keeping me “out of trouble” throughout my teenage years and have a number of lifelong friends at the Max Pawsey Reserve.

Community sports are so important . They encourage physical fitness, teamwork, mateship and especially in Fountain Gate’s case bringing together people from many and varied backgrounds and cultures who might not normally get together. It goes without saying that with people’s mental health taking a battering since the start of the pandemic and seemingly taking a back seat at times, community sport is as vital as ever .

Vibe looks forward to supporting the Fountain Gate Cricket Club well into the future .

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And if you want to have a hit or a bowl contact the Fountain Gate Cricket Club .A nicer bunch of people you will never meet.