End of Year Fatigue, could your business be suffering? | End of Year Fatigue

2017 year-end is only a few days away, but what we’ve noticed is the shear amount of people who are totally and utterly burnt out.
Maybe the weather has something to do with it. Maybe not. Is it all the food we consume during the festive season? It may very well be.

What I have also noticed is that businesses tend to suffer during this time too.  Retail business, seem to be running at fever pitch, whilst corporate office life seems to be moving at a slow sluggish snails pace.

Is this a reflection of the season where its almost time for businesses to close down for a couple of days, or is it something more than that.

Each year professionals say they are flat-out leading up to Christmas, with holiday functions and last minute projects to close off. It’s almost as though they are rushing to fit it in before 2018.

All this fuss and fluster seems to cause people to over extend themselves when really it’s a time that should be spent for quiet reflection and peaceful family time.

Its seems to be a common theme the same time every year, noting that some health care professionals say that end-of-year fatigue is a real phenomena, is not a surprise at all.

With that being said, be kinder to yourself this festive season, it’s time to take a break, be with family, and enjoy the summer ahead.

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