IT Infrastructure Project Supports Bushfire Prone Community

Vibe Voice and Data have been working with community radio station 3MDR over the past 3 weeks in a project which involves relocation of the radio station from their current premises in Emerald to a new location at Upwey called the Forest Park Homestead . This is a large project to tackle as the homestead, whilst in an awesome location, had very little if any telecommunications or IT infrastructure at all. In some ways is has been completely isolated from the outside world.

Until now.

We have begun the cabling work by bringing in the heavy equipment needed to dig trenches so the cables could be laid.  The project has a specific deadline of  January 31, as the 3MDR radio station is an essential lifeline for the local community. They are the official emergency broadcaster during emergency events such as bushfires. Being a hot Australian summer, the radio station needs to be relocated in a very efficient way so as to minimise any potential down time. Vibe Voice and Data are all hands on deck to ensure the Mountain District community have their local broadcaster back on the airwaves in no time.

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