BUSINESS SIP: Simple voice calling over the internet

Telstra Business SIP represents the next evolution of IP telephony for business. By consolidating PABX/ ISDN telephony infrastructure, it reduces complexity and supports business continuity. Business SIP delivers the foundation to integrate business collaboration applications thus improving workforce productivity.

There are many options when moving to IP voice. Telstra Business SIPĀ® can simplify your choices with cost-effective voice over the internet. There’s no need for a dedicated private IP network, and you can use any internet provider or access type. You can keep your existing Telstra-approved phone system – including your current phone numbers.

Once set up, you control everything via an online portal. If you have an existing Telstra ISDN service, you can also manage when you migrate phone numbers. There’s a wide choice of plans, devices and extras. And add-ons including Business Continuity, and the Mobility pack to make calls at home or on the go.

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